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New catalogue boring

In our new catalogue we offer, beside the well known boring heads FPA24, the first time our especially designed tools MFEC and MFEN in a hard alloy. They are characterized through:

  • a clamping surface on the shank for a precise fixing in the FPA boring head
  • a front clearance 90° from the turning axe to the center
  • all tools do have a rake angle of 0°, from a boring Ø 1,6 mm with a ranke angle 0° or 12°
  • finest grinded cutting surfaces

Beside the wide range of boring tools, the user may choose on the boring head FPA24 from three different types of shanks such as a cylindric with smooth surface, cylindric with Weldon surface and for Schaublin B8.

The catalogue is available as of now (pdf)

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