Regardless of which equipment you use for your turning operations, Ifanger has the solution to efficiently clamp MicroTurn or Randag tools.


Are you using BIMU's Quick Change, but also need to machine small holes?

Since 1917 we have been producing the finest cutting tools for our customers, and so shall it continue!

A succession is a challenging process. We successfully implemented this important milestone:

Mr. Daniel Dieterich takes over IFANGER AG.

Some companies don't have the skilled guy for an universal knurling tool, some others don't have the time to play and want a very swift production change or tooling replacement: Ifanger design with your people the right, single-use tool that helps you to run a the production anew within minutes with the expected quality and without trouble.

Ask us. We'll check with you if such a tool is worth it or not and submit you the best fitting solution.

Randag, by Ifanger AG

Knurling made easy