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We still design new holders despite COVID-19

New holders for Ifanger tools

New variant of our back-operation holder

Regardless of which equipment you use for your turning operations, Ifanger has the solution to efficiently clamp MicroTurn or Randag tools.

Ifanger AG designs, produces and supplies holders for all common lathe types used today for its well-established tool systems MicroTurn and Randag. A large selection of them is listed as standards in our catalogues. In order to cover the latest developments in the machine sector, both holders ranges are continuously improved & expanded.

Thanks to the high level of commitment of our employees, we were able to supply our customers unrestrictedly despite the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition, we have developed new holders and accessories, for example a movable back holder for a Citizen L20E Type 8.

This holder can be perfectly positioned in the machine fixture. The axial position of the MicroTurn holder can be steplessly defined. The MicroTurn insert itself can be changed from the front as usual. The high accuracy of the Ifanger systems is thus guaranteed.

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